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The Özbek Tourism has increased its efficiency in the industry through new investments in urban hotel management since 1989. Today, the company

creates an employment of about 1000 people in Istanbul with Nippon Hotel, Point Hotel Taksim, Point Hotel Barbaros and with the new projects that will be put into service at Taksim in 2014.

The group entered the urban hotel industry in 2013 with the Point Hotel Management Company (PHM). The company operates both their own establishments and other tourism investors’ facilities under the brand of Point Hotel and plans to grow by becoming the manager of the new tourism investments in Istanbul and Anatolia with its 25 years of experience. As a local company with international business standards, PHM offers sound and highly profitable business models to the investors. In addition to that, PHM provides more flexible and protectionist solutions in comparison with the international hotel chains since it knows about the sensitivities of the investors.

As one of the largest investors in the industry with its current bed capacity of 2000, PHM aims to operate urban hotels in industrial centers of Anatolia, such as Bursa, İzmir, Ankara, Adana, Kayseri, Konya, Gaziantep under the brand of Point Hotel.

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