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Our operation departments, such as front desk, housekeeping, food&beverages, render high quality service in line with our service standards guides. Organizational charts are standard for all our establishments.

As PHM, we believe that serving is an art. With the notion that “design is just a part of the game, all the rest is about service”, we try to achieve excellence in service. Our new collegues, although they join us after a detailed employment procedure, receive the “Art of Service” training before taking up their duties. Adopting this principle, our executives and teams execute the art of service on a stage where the curtain is open for 24/7 to our guests. The fragrance in the hotel, carefully chosen music in the background, modern interior design and artistic touches set the atmosphere of the stage and we, wearing our costumes, try to create the impact of a great play on our guests with our skills, cues and body languages. 

“The Art of Service” is the combination of notions, concepts and principles underlying the high service quality of the Point Hotel. The Art of Service ensures that we do the right thing at the right time in accordance with our job descriptions and workflows.

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