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The Point Hotel’s outer architectural design doesn’t disturb the eye and is compatible with the surrounding area but it presents an identity with a functional and monumental effect. Adopting the simplicity and functionality principles of the new minimalist approach in the interiors, the Point Hotel offers a serene, soothing and dynamic environment. These architectural elements reflect a perception of high quality and aesthetic both from outside and inside.

Attention paid to details, the harmony of the colors, materials and textures help to build trust in the quality of our hotels’ services. As a city hotel, we create a home-away office environment for our guest of business, culture and academic worlds.

The art objects, breathing life into the building which is made of stone, glass and steel, let our guests to establish an emotional bond with it and increase the level of comfort they feel. We apply the concept of Art-Tech, in which art meets with high technology, as the interior design concept of our hotels.

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