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The quality and reliability of the service the Point Hotel provided has created a trust-based relations with more than 2000 corporate companies and nearly 1000 travel agencies which grows stronger year.

Cross selling operations between hotels are continuously conducted.

Sales visits are made to existing and new customers on a regular basis by about 40 sales representatives.

Corporate sales office develops sales startegy in coordination with all our local sales offices.

Company, agency, meeting and conference segments are handled by different teams using parallel starategies.

All sales offices operates and reports in accordance with our sales standards.

More than 300000 guests are using and enjoying our facilities and services and create awareness for our brand through word-of-mouth.

All types of sales contracts are made in accordance with the standards book.

All forecast, pick-up, booking pace, revenue management and sales activity follow ups are carried out by corporate sales office.

Sales budgets are prepared using a very detailed segmentation and followed.

The big share of the Point Hotels in the market is mainly because of the tight organisation and supervision of the local sales offices achieved through using the Point Hotels sales standards.

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