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Employment of quality personnel is getting more difficult as a result of the continuous increase in the number of the new facilities in our industry.

As PHM, being in the knowledge of this situation, we pay extra attention to the human resources department and organization. Having about 1000 long-term employees, executives who have risen from the ranks of our own organisation and our substantial resume pool, we take the advantage of being the preferred choice of the high-quality personnel of the industry.

  • Conformity of the organizational chart

  • Compensation Management

  • Competence based, scientific interview system

  • Right employee for the right job

  • Position Profiles

  • Work-flow and job descriptions

  • Art of Service trainings

  • Vocational trainings

  • Job shadowing

  • Personal development trainings

  • Candidate pool development

  • Mystery Guest visits

  • Guest Satisfaction Surveys/Calls

  • Conformity with the Labour Law

  • Continuous Innovation

  • Replying and archiving the applications

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