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In our facilities, all tasks are carried out in accordance with our printed workflow and job description books whether it is in the operational departments that serve the guests directly or the administrative departments in the background offices. This is ensured through hiring the right employee for the right job by using proper position profiles and organizational chart, continuous education and control.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become the "The best service hotel in the city". There may be other hotels which are located in more central locations than ours, they may be more modern or they may have better views than us.

However, none of these hotels can serve as good as we do. Anything can be imitated, but our understanding of service and quality can never be copied.

Our Promise

It is our pleasure to provide friendly, warm yet professional service to all of our guests and to create stories of pleasure.

We know how to transform our mistakes and deficiencies into satisfaction through rational and timely solutions and the attention we pay to our guests. We welcome, host and see off our guests in the most appropriate manner. It is important for us to make them have a personal and different service experience.

Our promise is our commitment to the guests, it is our reputation and, as the corporation, protecting it is our number one priority.

Our Slogan

Always a pleasure…

The Point employees, no matter what their departments, tasks, work places and work hours are, always behave and work in line with our slogan. With the "Always a pleasure slogan…" we carry out all of our duties willingly, thoroughly and with the aim of pleasing our guests.

The three dots on our logo correspond to the word "always" in our slogan. It is important for us to make the guests feel that we are open to requests and innovations anytime and under any circumstances and we do this with pleasure.

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