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Pre-opening period is a very critical time when the hotel’s future is shaped and determined. In a way, it is a time that things are put on the right track.

Depending on the size of the project, a pre-opening support office is opened 9 to 18 months prior to the planned opening date. In this period, critical operations such as projecting the hotel construction in an optimal way, determining the position of the hotel in the market, creating the organizational chart, hiring and training employees, categorization of the hotel in accordance with the standards of the ministry are carried out.

Developing the hotel project / Construction purchasing support / Implementation of the design principles / Concept development / Market research and positioning / Pre-opening marketing plan and its implementation / Setting the pre-opening budget and operations budget / Corporate identity and promotional work with the advertising agency / Planning and implementing PR activities / Pre-opening sales / Preparing the organizational chart, Hiring and training employees / Hotel equipment / Determining the requirements of material and uniform / Information processing system and accounting system set up / Risk management and insurance analyses / Obtaining required licences / Giving orientation training to the key personnel at current Point Hotels / Management of 3rd party contract processes.

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